Who Will Do It

Engagement Map

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The Community

The plan is designed to bring economic opportunity to everyone who calls the Quad Cities region home. The community owns this plan and will be the stewards who bring it to fruition.

The Community:

  • Provides talent, time and treasure
  • Moves priorities into action
  • Shares enthusiasm for the region and the Q2030 plan
  • Embraces the spirit of the plan: coordination, collaboration, alignment and partnerships.

Q2030 Delegates

More than 145 business, government and non-profits endorsed the idea of a regional vision plan that would inspire and influence us to think, speak and behave in new ways that would transform our region and pledged to be delegates of this effort and take an active role in embedding the plan into their organizations and community.

Q2030 Steering Committee Advisory Board

The coordination of Q2030’s strategic implementation will be run by a volunteer group, the Q2030 Advisory Board, which serves as the governance body overseeing the implementation of Q2030. Ultimately, the Advisory Board represents the Q2030 Steering Committee.

Q2030 Steering Committee

It is important an influential group of leaders from the public and private sectors serves as the “keepers of the goals” of the Q2030 Regional Action Plan to ensure implementation honors the development and approval of the visioning process and plan.

Priority Workgroups

Many priorities will require organized workgroups that will include practitioners and representatives of entities that have implementation roles for that strategy. The workgroups will be charged with integrating the Q2030 Regional Action Plan into their own programs of work, identifying gaps between what is taking place and what is proposed in the plan and working to close those gaps.

  • Champions 

Each workgroup will have one or more volunteer champions to ensure implementation partners are effectively engaged and focused on activation of the key priorities. Champions also will provide oversight for implementation of initiatives to ensure momentum is maintained and results and milestones are being reached.

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  • Loaned Experts

Loaned experts from public and private Quad Cities partners will help inform, advance and apply tactics for strategic application.

  • Talent “Creative Authority”
    • Makes up the workgroups
    • Contributes passion and commit to hands-on engagement to ensure priorities advance
    • Helps workgroups identify the current and anticipated capacity needs in terms of programs, personnel and funding to effectively implement key strategic recommendations and aligning of metrics
    • Assists in determining what shifts are needed in policy, practice and program for greatest gain (i.e. aligning efforts already underway by refocusing, redirecting or redistributing funding and resources required)

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