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There is no better time for our region to be planning for its future. The disparity in our bi-state business climate, the increase in poverty, challenges in meeting workforce needs and the volatility in the nation’s economy have created urgent calls for solutions. Metro areas that have their priorities in line will be more competitive, receive more federal funding and stand to outperform their peer communities. They will become models for other regions to emulate.

Ultimately, the success of the Q2030 plan rests on all of our shoulders as citizens of the Quad Cities area. Our individual involvement and commitment will be the underpinnings of transforming the entire region. We must accelerate collaboration by leading the way and setting the example.

Q2030 supports transformational ideas that promote alignment of people, organizations and money that will attract and keep talented people, grow new and retain existing jobs and expand economic opportunities for all Quad Citizens. The community owns this plan and will be the stewards who bring it to fruition.

Here is where you can start:

Your Organization

  • Identify what your organization is already doing that falls within the framework of the Q2030 plan.
  • Align your efforts with identified Q2030 action priorities wherever possible.
  • Identify partners you can collaborate with to add speed and impact to your work.
  • Encourage civic engagement. Our region will only transform when people feel responsible for actively shaping the future of our community.
  • Boast to the community about how Q2030 influences your current work and report any outcomes.
  • Publicly endorse the Q2030 Regional Action Plan by adding your organization to the growing list of Q2030 partner organizations.

Complete the Endorsement Resolution by clicking here

You (personally)

  • Share Q2030 with the boards you sit on and organizations you serve.
  • Be the plan’s champion and encourage alignment with Q2030.
  • Determine your Q2030 personal passions and contribute to advancing those (For example: reading to 3rd graders, mentoring, serving on a focus group for the Mississippi River, etc.).
  • Share your unique professional expertise on a priority in the plan by donating your time and talent toward moving a priority toward success.
  • Always demonstrate pride, enthusiasm and a positive attitude about the Quad Cities. When talking about our region and its parts, use a tone of regional unity, pride, confidence and energy.
  • Utilize social media to tell positive tidbits about the Quad Cities. Use #IntheQ2030 to trend stories, efforts and milestones related to Q2030 and use #tagtheQC to share Quad Cities pride.

Use of Q2030 Brand

Interested organizations are invited to seek the use of the Q2030 brand. Alignment will add lift to your efforts, accelerate Q2030 priorities and expedite building capacity and delivering greater impact. Find the right fit for you and your organization:

Aligned with Q2030


Q2030 aligned organizations are part of workgroups that are advancing an identified priority. These workgroups are collaborating to identify how to best align people, policies, projects, capital and programs in ways that leverage the strength of all for the advancement of a priority.

Workgroups will be expected to report their activity and progress on their priority’s goals and metrics to Q2030 staff and the community regularly.

To Start a Workgroup: Complete the interest form by clicking here

What Q2030 workgroups and aligned partner organizations can expect from Q2030 staff and Steering Committee

  • Sharing of knowledge, networks, perspectives and approaches as requested.
  • Referring to potential partners and talent with shared interests and ability to assist in advancing and achieving the project outcomes of your workgroup.
  • Communicating your workgroup’s achievements to the community, including listing on and promotion via social media and other channels.
  • Public endorsement of your workgroup and organization, including listing on
  • Use of the “ALIGNED” Q2030 logo.

Endorser of Q2030

FinalQ2030_4Color_horiz-endorserIndividuals, organizations and businesses who promote innovative ideas, advance civic engagement and aim to be a stand-out in their field are invited to formally endorse Q2030 and commit publicly to:

  • Seek collaborative solutions whenever possible.
  • Think and act in the best interest of the region.
  • Share credit for successes and responsibility for challenges.
  • Speak with respect and regard for all partners in the region.
  • Demonstrate pride and a positive attitude about the Quad Cities.
  • Be open to new ideas.
  • Encourage diversity of opinion.

Complete the Endorsement Resolution by clicking here

Click here to view the full list of businesses, individuals and organizations that have endorsed the Q2030 Regional Action Plan.