Endorsement Resolution Form

______________ is proud to join the movement to lead and influence others to think, speak and behave in new ways that will transform our region. We pledge to promptly identify and implement ways in which our organization's strategic priorities and goals can be aligned to help the Q2030 Regional Action Plan become a reality.

We hereby designate __________ as a representative of our organization to periodically meet with the Q2030 delegates and serve as an active participant in shaping the future of our region, communicate our achievements in regional alignment and report back to us how the alignment of others is making a difference in our region.

We agree to hold each other accountable for speaking and behaving consistently with these principles:

• Think and act in the best interest of the region
• Be open to new ideas
• Demonstrate pride and a positive attitude about the Quad Cities
• Collaborate
• Share credit for successes and responsibility for challenges
• Speak with respect and regard for all partners in the region
• Encourage diversity of opinion
• Celebrate that our region is the sum of multiple, distinct, independent parts.

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