Year in review: Quad Cities Big Table spurs regional growth

Jack Cullen | December 28th, 2018

The 2018 Quad Cities Big Table inspired people to work together to make our region more cool, creative, connected and prosperous.

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We also want to know about other products or outcomes of the Big Table, an initiative of the Q2030 Regional Action Plan. We’re curious, for example, what groups are still meeting?

As 2019 begins, we encourage Quad Citizens to continue talking, listening and learning from each other as we create a stronger, more connected region.


Over a 48-hour period last April, 5,000-plus Quad Citizens gathered at 508 tables in workplaces, homes, schools, museums, churches and other public and private locations, to contribute to one-hour, small-group conversations.

Attendees, many of whom did not know their tablemates beforehand, broke out of their comfort zones, presented issues that mattered most to them and offered ideas to transform our region.

A survey completed by 1,714 hosts and participants revealed 71 percent of them discussed solutions that have the potential to make the community better and 72 percent feel more optimistic about the next five years.

In addition, 81 percent of participants said they would continue having conversations with people from their table.

The most frequently discussed topics align with the focus areas of Q2030, which is led by community members and the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce. Providing backbone structure for Q2030, Program Director Greg Aguilar and Project Manager Jack Cullen continue to work with volunteer leaders to ensure they prioritize action based on the results of the Big Table.

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Community organizer Tracy White, left, laughs with Q2030 Project Manager Jack Cullen during a promotional video shoot for the 2018 Quad Cities Big Table.

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