Q2030 in Action: One Human Family QCA unveils “welcoming business” signs

Jack Cullen | October 30th, 2018

As this election year winds down, One Human Family QCA is distributing new signs in the business community that aim to set a friendly, apolitical tone throughout the Quad Cities region.

The fliers are designed for businesses that welcome all people and happily serve all customers. Interested leaders of organizations may tape to the door of their workplace the free sign that reads, “We welcome all people.”

“All,” in this case, encompasses the following categorizations, each of which is listed on the sign:

  • Abilities
  • Ages
  • Countries of origin
  • Gender identities
  • Races & ethnicities
  • Religions
  • Sexual identities
  • Spoken languages

“It’s not about being politically correct,” said Rabbi Henry Karp, who co-launched One Human Family, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, with the Rev. Rich Hendricks. “It’s about how we treat one another as human beings.

“We believe it’s in the spirit of the Quad Cities to be more welcoming and inclusive, and this is a way to affirm and carry forward that message.”

In conjunction with Q2030, the Quad Cities’ regional action plan directed by the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, One Human Family is hosting a news conference at 10 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 15, in the community room (C133) at the Scott Community College Urban Campus in downtown Davenport.

Chamber President & CEO Paul Rumler recently posted one of the signs to the entrance of the organization’s office in downtown Moline. He applauded One Human Family’s efforts, noting the Chamber’s commitment to creating a prosperous region where all can thrive.

“As we facilitate business growth, it is important to do so in a manner that fosters the culture of belongingness,” Rumler said. “The welcoming business sign helps our current and prospective members advance, and benefit from, our mission.”

The presence and message of these signs should create a healthier marketplace, said Hendricks, pastor at Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities. “The more inclusive a community we create, the more people you can do business with,” he said.

This is not One Human Family’s first foray into public signage. About two years ago the nonprofit organization created a red, white and blue yard sign that displays a similar message of acceptance. It reads, “No matter who you are or where you’re from we’re glad you’re our neighbor,” in Spanish, English and Arabic. One Human Family since has distributed more than 1,400 of the 18- by 24-inch “Welcome Your Neighbor” signs throughout the community.

The new signs currently come in three sizes: 24” by 18”, 8.5” by 11” and 4” by 6”. They are available for pickup at:

  • Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities, 2930 W. Locust St., Davenport
  • Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, 1601 River Drive, Moline; 331 W. 3rd St., Davenport
  • SIS International Fair Trade Center, 108 E. 2nd St., Davenport

Because it aligns with their mission, members of the Q2030 Welcoming & Inclusive Workgroup may collaborate with One Human Family to develop a training program for participating businesses.

“There’s a difference between accepting the idea of being welcoming to everybody and the specifics of implementing it on a daily basis in your workplace,” Hendricks said. “We want people to feel comfortable walking into every business in the Quad Cities.”

About One Human Family QCA

Our mission is to welcome and protect the life, dignity and human rights of all people in all places in our community.

Who we are: One Human Family QCA is a community-based organization, including, but not limited to faith leaders, civic leaders, educators and proud Quad Citizens who care deeply about addressing issues of discrimination, hatred and injustice in our communities.

What we do: In order to fulfill our mission statement, we have established four task forces:

  • Community awareness and education
  • Data collection and resource development
  • Immigration
  • School advocacy and support

The Rev. Rich Hendricks; Rabbi Henry Karp
563-940-9630; 563-505-8823

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